The Vineyard 








The vineyard conservation project, launched in 1987 by  The Berry Apple Society,  became a reality in 1993 and 1995 thanks to aid from the regional centre and an undertaking from Tranzault (36)  town council.


The conservation vineyard brings together 106 types of vine, grouped  into 12 classes of vine, classified as vines for the table, French vat vines (grafted plants), hybrid direct producers and graft carriers.


You will also find a reconstructed ‘Cabinet de Vigne’. This little house of the vine grower of the domaine of Bellegarde in the village of Jeu-les-bois was donated, dismantled and reconstructed under the care of the European Centre for Restoration and Heritage.



Wine Harvest Festival (June ‘98)



Based on: a variety of documents and testimonies; years of research into the vines of the region of the Indre and advice from connoisseurs of the vines from the Berry, a list of  types of vines cultivated in the region over the last century has been put together. Here is the list:


  Types of  vine for the table

  French vat vines


  Graft recipient