The Orchards 


Discover our orchards from the photographs and the list of varieties  below...


The Conservation Orchards

The conservation orchard for fruits with pips  (apple trees and pear trees) was created in 1985….

...It brings together 10 varieties of pear trees and 47 varieties apple trees).

List of varieties of apple trees

List of varieties of pear trees

The conservation orchard for fruit with stones
(plum trees and cherry trees) is the most recent of the four orchards and was created in 1994….

...The collection includes 13 varieties of cherry trees and 11 varieties of plum trees.
List of varieties of cherry trees

List of varieties of plum trees


New orchard for fruits with pips opened in 2002
List of varieties

 This orchard is situated at ‘Ville’ near the experimental orchard: it contains 36 varieties including those below. It was based on graft carrier M111 for free-standing trees. Planting took place during the winter of 2002 on land made available by the SIVOM927. Thanks to the districts of Neuvy Saint Sépulchre, Mouhers, Lys Saint George, Fougerolles, Trazault et Cluis for their financial assistance in the form of a grant from the region of  La Chatre in the Berry.

Dcp_3057.jpg (148866 octets) Dcp_3060.jpg (153833 octets)
Dcp_1658.jpg (132624 octets) Dcp_3698.jpg (137342 octets)



The Orchard School

Created in 1987, the orchard school shows the spectrum of shapes of apple and pear trees. Recently solens and oblique cordons have been added to the free standing, goblet, U-cordons, vertical and flag-shapes.

This orchard is also used for meetings, organised by the association, during which specialists demonstrate techniques of tree cultivation such as planting, grafting and pruning for the benefit of amateurs.



The Experimental Orchard

Le verger expérimental
Il a commencé à être planté en 1990. Il contient 5 variétés de pommiers et une variété de poirier, sélectionnée parmi celles du verger conservatoire.

The Experimental Orchard
Planting started in 1999. It contains 5 varieties of apple trees and one variety of pear tree, selected from those in the conservation orchard.

The observations and experiments made on these varieties, grafted onto 3 different
 graft recipients (2 for the pear tree) allows a reference base to be created on their behaviour and characteristics. The primary objective being to produce quality fruits based on a method of production approaching organic.

The varieties Belles-filles (from the Indre), Feuilloux, Court-pendus gris, Reinettes dorées, Rouges d’automne, et Cuise-Dames, are harvested each year to be discovered by the public during our Days of the Apple (the last week-end in October).

The tree nursery , where the grafting is carried out, is at this time used totally for a new, bigger, conservation project which will involve a forty regional varieties….